The variability of today’s world

Today’s world is very changeable.

No one can predict with certainty whether the price of any commodity will rise or fall. The only certainty is that it will not be permanent. We build our strategies on this variability as the only certainty.

What we invest in

We invest in short-term selected currency pairs (USD / EURO), commodities (oil, gold) and selected stock indices (S @ P 500, DAX). We use the lever mechanism effectively.

Event analysis

Our analysts follow the latest developments in economic and political events, we draw from Bloomberg news sources and the latest information from selected social network accounts.

Consistent discipline is the key

The main condition for success in this area is strict discipline. We always invest a maximum of 5% of the portfolio in one trade. We use an automatic so-called stoploss order to limit the decline to a maximum of 2% for one trade. When a profit of 8% on one trade is achieved, the position is automatically closed. We trade mainly on working days, we usually do not hold trading positions during days off.