We invest in selected companies in the field of Genomics.

Genomics is a field of biology that studies the importance of human genes and their effect on human health.

The growing level of knowledge of human DNA makes it very easy to determine our ethnic origin and at the same time predict increased genetic predispositions to a wide range of diseases.

The cost of the first complete mapping of the human genome in 2003 was in the order of billions of US dollars.

Thanks to the development of modern methods of genome reading and the increase in computational power, the cost of human DNA analysis has now reached the level of € 100.

A number of companies have emerged that perform the reading of human DNA and the subsequent processing of reports, both of human origin and dispositions to individual genetically determined diseases.

In the field of Genomics, there are a number of global companies that do business in genome reading, research into the importance of individual genes and even treatment methods associated with genetic modification – gene therapy.

A breakthrough was last year’s award of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for the methods of editing the human genome by two scientists Emmanuelle Charpentier and Jennifer Doudna for the method of so-called genetic scissors, which allows very precise DNA modification and treatment.

This method opens up huge possibilities for the treatment of diseases, it is only a matter of time before new drugs will gradually go through the phase of clinical trials and be launched on the market.

The field of genomics has such a huge potential, as yet undiscovered by investors.

We carefully select the companies in which we invest capital.